Frontenac Walnut Pool Table

The Frontenac with Walnut finish, is a solid wood top rail and side rail billiard table, now at a low price.

A massive solid wood top rail and side rail pool table with 1 inch thick natural quarried slate, the Frontenac Walnut model comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and is BCA compliant.

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The Frontenac Walnut billiard table is the choice for delivering elegance without pretension

It will quickly become the centerpiece of evenings with friends and will make you the host of choice. The Frontenac Walnut finish pool table is equipped with genuine leather shield pockets, 3 piece 1-inch natural quarried slate and straight legs for outstanding play and stability.* You can also choose from a wide range of felt colours to better integrate your table to your interior space. The colour of the finish gives the Frontenac Walnut an antique look that is similar to furniture found in luxurious lounges, which allowing this table to fit in with traditional bars, sofas, hutches and home theater rooms.

*This billiard table's top and side rails are made of solid European hard wood. The legs are made of MDF veneer. Indeed, they're made of medium density fiberboard laminated with a real wood veneer. Its top and side rails are constructed with genuine, authentic European sourced Beech wood that is very similar to our Canadian Maple wood.

8 foot pool table dimensions:
Inner surface: 44" x 88" / Outer structure: 55" x 99"
Frontenac Walnut Pool Table
Frontenac Walnut Pool Table
With Basic Green Felt

Billiard Table Construction and Details

Billard Accessories Kit

Accessory Kit

With the purchase of any pool table, you receive the well-equipped Majestic Basic Accessory Kit, complimentary of! This kit includes everything you need to enjoy the great game of pool with family and friends. If you wish, you can always purchase the Deluxe Accessory Kit with upgraded balls, cues and much more! Click here for a detailed breakdown of the Accessory Kits...

North American and European Solid Wood for Billiard Tables

North American and European Solid Wood

All pool tables found on are constructed of solid North American and European natural woods such as Oak, Beech, Poplar and Ash * For the exception of our Roxton and Joliette models that has solid wood rails, a wood veneer on laminate wood structure and our Frontenac model that's designed with solid hardwood rails and panels with wood veneer on MDF legs. These woods are extremely durable and they provide exceptional stability and durability. Natural woods also provide a better finish when it comes to carvings and sculpted strategic locations such as table legs and the frame or rails. Natural wood bolted directly into the frame for an assembly of a remarkable stability. Get more details about the North American and European Solid Wood...

Natural Quarried 1 inch thick Slate for Billiard Tables

Natural Quarried 1 inch thick Slate

On, we have chosen to differentiate ourselves from our competitors by choosing a 1 inch natural quarried slate surface for all our billiard tables. Unlike other types of slate found in underground mines, opencast mountain slate is extracted from open quarries. The low occurrence of tectonic movements in these mines allows the extraction of large slices of slate (2.80 m x 1.40 m). It is therefore possible to obtain a more robust surface and a superior flatness demanded by the BCA (Billiard Congress of America). More details about our Natural Quarried Slate...

Solid Wood Frame for Billiard Table

Solid Wood Frame

All Majestic Billiard tables have a solid wood double beam in the centre of the frame and two cross beams across the width, for maximum stability. The result: You get a solid structure that maintains its stability even after you've uninstalled or moved your table several times. More information about our Billard Tables Frames...

Leather Pockets for Billiard Table

Genuine Leather Pockets

When you purchase a Majestic Billiard pool table, you will notice the attention that is paid to the pockets, which are available in a wide variety of styles and patterns. All our models of pockets are made of genuine leather and delicately designed by our craftsmen. These are available in several colors to better blend with the table model chosen. Genuine leather is chosen not only for its aesthetic appearance, but also for its sound-absorption qualities when catching pool balls. More information about our Genuine Leather Pockets...

Pool Table Wood Rails

Solid Wood Rails

When it comes to rebound accuracy, the quality of the rubber cushions are of prime importance. The cushion has to be composed of a rubber that is both sustainable and resilient, and provides high accuracy rebounds. All Majestic Billiard tables are equipped with K-66 profile, all natural gum rubber rails. This gives you exceptional rebound speed and accuracy for optimal game-winning moves. All our rails are manufactured from solid wood and securely fastened to the frame so as to transmit -- without loss or distortion -- the exact bounce on the ball for perfect accuracy, and a game worthy of the greatest tournaments and BCA (Billiard Congress of America) standards. More details about our Solid Wood Rails...

Pool Table Aiming Sights

Pool Table Aiming Sights

The aiming sights that you find on all Majestic Billiard pool tables are encrusted with precision and serve both as a point of reference as well as a decorative trim. Made of genuine mother of pearl or abalone and available in various shapes, they give your pool table a beautiful aesthetic finish. More details about the Mother Of Perl Sights...

Billiard Table Legs

Table Legs

Majestic Billiard's table legs offer high quality both in the construction and the finishes. Since most of our table's legs are made of solid wood, the legs will provide stability and support as well as decorative beauty. The wide variety of styles and patterns are available to help you find the table that will fit in perfectly with your interior space. More details about the Pool Table Legs...

Billiard Table Cloth

Billiard Table Cloth

Why would we compromise here, when all other elements of our tables brings you the best value? As a standard, we provide Championship Billiards' brand Invitational Teflon treated billiard cloth with any model you choose. Not only is there over 24 colors to select from, but this fantastic quality, durable cloth will help minimize stains and provide a consistent playing surface for your family and friends. More details about the Pool Table cloth...

Pool Table Size Requirement

Many customers wonder how big their room has to be to accommodate a pool table. Well, every model on is available in the standard residential 8 foot size, and our Pinnacle Walnut model is available in 7 feet and 9 feet as well. We've made a room size chart to help you ensure you choose the right size of table for your room. Remember, it doesn't have to be precisely the dimensions below, as shorter cues are available to accommodate tighter corners.

Table Size (Playing surface) Room Size for a 48" Cue Room Size for a 52" Cue Room Size for a 57" Cue
7 ft. Table (39" x 78") 11'3" x 14'6" 11'11" x 15'2" 12'9" x 16'0"
8 ft. Table (44" x88") 11'8" x 15'4" 12'4" x 16'0" 13'2" x 16'10"
9 ft. Table (50" x 100") 12'2" x 16'4" 12'10" x 17'0" 13'8" x 17'10"