Pool Table Accessories

Increase fun and add style to your game room area!

Create a playful atmosphere with billiard accessories from PoolTables.ca. All accessories and lights are in stock and can be delivered the same day you get your pool table! .

Majestic Basic Accessory Kit

With the purchase of any pool table, you receive the well-equipped Majestic Basic Accessory kit, complimentary of PoolTables.ca! This kit includes everything you need to enjoy the great game of pool with family and friends.

█ With purchase of Pool Table: FREE
Without Table: $199

The Basic Accessory Kit includes:

  • • (2) 58-inch, 2-Piece Cue
  • • (1) Pool Ball Set
  • • (1) 2-Piece Bridge Stick with Black Bridgehead
  • • (1) 15-Ball Plastic Triangle
  • • (12) Pieces of Chalk

Majestic Upgraded Accessory Kit

You can always upgrade to our Deluxe Accessory Kit with upgraded balls, upgraded cues, rail brush and much more! See below for a detailed breakdown. Includes the following;
• (1) Pool Ball Set 2-1/4" (1) Oak 8 ball Triangle, black finish
• (1) Oak 9 ball Diamond rack, black finish • (1) Oak 10-1/2" horsehair Brush, black finish
• (1) 6 1/2" Rail Brush, black finish • (1) Pool Game Rule Book
• (1) 57" two-piece Bridgestick, black finish • (1) Black Polypropylene Bridgehead-NT
• (4) 58" two-piece maple cue

█ With purchase of Pool Table: $199.99
Without Table: $299

  • Majestic PRO Accessory Kit

    • • (4) High quality Fiberglass Reinforced one-piece pool cues•
    • • (1) One-Piece wooden Bridgestick, stained to match wooden Triangles ( black or brown finish )
    • • (1) High quality Belgian Aramith Pool Ball Set
    • • (1) Oak 8 ball Triangle Rack ( black or brown finish )
    • • (1) 9 inch Rail Brush ( brown finish )
    • • (12) Pieces of Chalk

    █ With a Pool Table: $499.99
    Without Table: $599.99

    Pool Table Lights

    There are two important reasons to purchase a pool table lamp. First, billiard lights are designed specifically to illuminate the entire surface of the table, helping to avoid over-lighting in some areas. You can enjoy playing for hours without having to worry about sore eyes. Second, pool table lights are ideal for creating a relaxing atmosphere. PoolTables.ca offers a range of lights that will perfectly match any table.

    Majestic 3-Shade Flat Black billiard lamp

    Majestic 3-Shade Flat Black


    Majestic Square 3-Shade Mahogany

    Majestic Square 3-Shade Mahogany


    Majestic Square 3-Shade Burgundy

    Majestic Square 3-Shade Burgundy


    Majestic 3-Shade Stainless Steel

    Majestic 3-Shade Stainless Steel


    Majestic 3-Shade Honey

    Majestic 3-Shade Honey


    Cue Racks

    An essential organizational element for a perfect billiard room is the cue rack. There are many models available online, but PoolTables.ca offers only the best. Our solid-wood corner cue racks are not only equipped to hold 10 cues and wall racks that hold up to 8 cues, that both also have hooks for your triangles and enough room for all 15 balls, your cue ball and your brushes!

    Straight Floor Rack • Oak, Walnut, Mahogany or Black
    █ Special Price! $199.99

    Corner Rack • Oak, Walnut, Mahogany or Black
    █ Special Price! $199.99

    Wall Rack • Oak, Walnut, Mahogany or Black
    █ Special Price! $249

    Table Covers

    We won't be the first or last to tell you that the best way to protect your investment is to cover it! Elements outside of your control (like dust, the sun, humidity) will all affect the longevity of your table and felt. Dust particles get trapped into the felt and the sun's rays can dry up your rubber cushions fairly quickly, and those replacements are costly. For a small fee, you can ensure that you don't have to pay for those expenses until they are absolutely necessary! Our Billiard Table Covers are presently available in the following colours;

    8 foot size • Brown, Black and Cranberry (Burgundy)
    █ Special Price! $99.99

    9 foot size • Brown, Black and Cranberry (Burgundy)
    █ Special Price! $99.99

    Ping Pong ConversionTop

    Create even more flexibility to your pool table by adding a table tennis conversion top. The Green
    Palason model fits on any 7', 8' or 9' pool table. The Black Pro model has full surface under-padding
    and fits only 7' or 8' pool tables. Both measure 4½ x 9 also include net, brackets, paddles and balls.

    Green Top Palason model ( fits 7',8' and 9' pool tables )
    █ Your Price! $350.00

    Black Top Pro model ( fits only 7' or 8' pool tables )
    █ Your Price! $459.99

    Black Dart Cabinet Set

    ( Includes dartboard, wood cabinet, erasable marker,
    dryer eraser, scoreboard and 6 darts )

    The ideal accessory to complete your game room. Entertain even more people in your mancave or billiard room by adding this fun and attractive complete dart set. While players take their shots at the pool table, other guests will have the option to play a game of darts.

    Available in wood grain Onyx Black
    █ Your Price! $199.99

    Trouble Shooter Short Cue

    Why let a post get in the way of owning your dream pool table!

    With a Trouble Shooter short cue, you can fit a pool table in a smaller space or play with comfort and ease around a post.

    By far the best designed and well balanced short cue ever made. Available in 6 convenient sizes to suit all your potenial requirements and obstacles. Pick from 6 sizes; 24", 30", 36", 42", 48" or 52"

    █ Your Price! $40.00 each